Draft Handbook live and accessible

We have now completed the first draft of the online handbook we are still looking for any comments, feedback or examples of good practice CRM in HE and FE.

We also really want some examples of what not to do and pitfalls to avoid- these can be anonymised so if you have any examples, then please do get in touch. crm@hud.ac.uk

The validatioon workshops have now happened and we are starting work on the  final report. The workshops seemed to go very well with positive feedback and some constructive criticism to take on board and to help us make some changes to the handbook.

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Light at the end of the tunnel….

Things have been very busy on the project over the last 3-4 weeks. We have finalised a DRAFT version of the handbook which we presented at the first Validation workshop which took place last week in Darlington. We only had a small number of attendees but this was very useful as it gave everyone the opportunity to contribute but it also gave us the opportunity to make sure that we were getting the validation of the handbook and the feedback on the content that we require. 

We have the second workshop today in Huddersfield but we have over 15 people coming along, so it will probably have a different dynamic and may bring out different issues.

So far we have had a really positive response to the handbook but we really want to try and capture more case studies within the handbook so if anybody feels that they are an exemplar of good practice then please do get in touch. You can find the Online Handbook in CRM Good Practice here.

 We have started working on the DRAFT Final Report for JISC, due in at the end of this month, so we think May is going to be a busy month as we also have a Steering Group in mid-May to go through the workshops and discuss the content of the final report and the handbook. Although there is still a lot of work to do we feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or comments crm@hud.ac.uk




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Validation Workshops- Your input is needed

So I spent last Wednesday at Teesside University, the project partner on the CRM Good Practice Handbook. We had a very productive day as we overhauled the index of the handbook and have reworked it so that it is a series of questions, we feel that it will now address the requirements in the original call but also the requirements of stakeholders, we have referenced this back to the questionnaire that we sent out last year and also the series of interviews that we have done to develop some sector relevant case studies. 

The plan is to have a rough draft of the handbook ready to show the steering group by the end of this week, end of March. It really feels like we are moving forward now. 

We are holding 3 ‘road testing’ workshops which will give people the opportunity to examine the handbook ‘hands on’.

 27th April- Darlington

4th May- Huddersfield

11th May- London

 The sessions are planned to be about 3 hours long with lunch provided and an opportunity to network. If you work in Business & Community Engagement (BCE) and have an interest in CRM then it would be great to see you. If you are interested in coming along it would be great to get your input please contact us on crm@hud.ac.uk We do have a limited budget to cover your travel costs to the workshop.

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latest on the CRM handbook

So it’s nearly end of February already which is shocking, as just realised we haven’t blogged since December, January just disappeared.

We have now begun the mammoth task of writing the online handbook. This has involved splitting the content between University of Huddersfield and Teesside University and us concentrating on different parts of the content. A copy of the contents can be found here.

 We have now interviewed over 15 institutions both FE and HE on the phone to gather together some examples of best practice, it has taken longer than expected to transcribe these interviews to then start to write them up into case studies and format these, so far we have managed two but are still tweaking. It’s been a very positive experience though as its realising that there are some great examples of good practice across both sectors and it’s been interesting to hear how different places approach CRM and the value that is placed on it, this may be due to the current funding climate.

 We are planning the first validation workshop, which we hope will take place in London in April, further details available soon.

 Again if you would like any more information about the project or are interested in getting involved then please do contact us at crm@hud.ac.uk or call Kate Mitchell on 01484 471678.

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long job- writing the content

We have finalised the overall contents of the Online Handbook in CRM good practice, which has been agreed with our critical friend and the project Steering Group. We are now starting the long job of writing and collating the handbook and also making some decisions on the format of the handbook.  

 The Steering Group met in the week before Christmas to agree the contents and to discuss the next steps including the validation workshops which we are hoping will be between February and May, this will be an opportunity for users and contributors to the handbook to road test it.  

 We have spent some time talking to people who responded to the questionnaire in September, top try and gather some case studies to be included in the handbook as we want to make it relevant and helpful for both HE and FE colleges.

 Again if you would like any more information about the project or are interested in getting involved then please do contact us at crm@hud.ac.uk or call Kate Mitchell on 01484 471678.

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